A CAT scan for a stegamite?

A CAT scan or Computerized Axial Tomography is a diagnostic medical test in which, through the use of X-rays, radiographic images of the interior of the human body are obtained, in the form of cross sections or three-dimensional images.
They are used to identify the presence of certain morphologies inside the body, especially in the bones, indicative of some diseases.
So…. Why is a CAT scan done on a stegamite? Well, precisely to see its interior without having to break it. The radiation that is applied to the sample reaches the inside. Subsequently, the data obtained can be processed using computer programs, thus obtaining high-quality images of the internal structure of a stegamite.
On this occasion, the CAT scan has allowed, for the first time, to see the interior of a stegamite as a whole, highlighting the existence of a fan-shaped lamination that responds to successive layers of growth, whose age we still do not know.
This cutting-edge research has been possible thanks to the existing collaboration protocols between the University of Malaga and the Vithas hospital in Benalmádena (Málaga).

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