Mapping Cueva de las Estegamitas: a maze of halls and corridors

  • Cueva de las Estegamitas has 1,303 m in length, practically horizontal, an area of 15,224 m2, and a maze-like morphology.
  • The furthest from the current entrance, in a straight line, is 161 m away, located in the so-called Barrotes hall.
  • The furthest point from the entrance, traveling through the halls and corridors of the cave, is 297 m away, in the Spicules hall (Sala de las Espículas).
  • The longest corridor or gallery of the cave (more or less rectilinear section), corresponds to the route between the Day hall (Sala de Día) and the Flood gallery (Galería de la Inundación), with a distance of 159 m.
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