Mapping Cueva de las Estegamitas: using 3D technology

Both cave surveys carried out (traditional mapping and 3D mapping) during the exploration and research works of 2022, have defined the important size of the cave, although the real size of the cave is not currently known, as there is an abundance of small crawling holes and passages that have not been explored so far.

New exploration and surveying campaigns are needed to try to know more information about this complex underground network.

The volume of the cave has been estimated using 3D mapping, and depending on the geometric model used, it varies between 6,500 and 10,000 cubic meters. It is the longest accessible cave in the city of Málaga (there is a slightly bigger one, Cueva de la Cuerda, with its entry blocked, in the same quarry complex, and its current state is unknown), and the 19th one in the province of Málaga in size.


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